Web Scraping Scientific Repositories: Springer and Nature for University of Basrah


  • Zahraa Taufeeq Al-Madhhachi computer science, Iraqi commission for Computer & informatics, university of information Technology and communication, Iraq
  • Salma A. Mahmood Collage of Computer Science and Information Technology, University of Basrah, Iraq




Springer and Nature, University of Basrah, Web Scraping, data extraction


This study explores the field of scientific data extraction using online scraping techniques, with a specific focus on the Springer and Nature archives within the University of Basrah's setting. This study aims to explicate the theoretical underpinnings of web scraping, emphasizing its importance in the acquisition of structured data from online sources. This study explores the many issues presented by dynamic content, captchas, and IP blocking and proposes novel solutions for each of these obstacles. The university's research objectives were supported by a rich dataset that was carefully constructed through a painstaking approach encompassing data collection, preparation techniques. The results highlight the effectiveness of web scraping, significant influence of preprocessing. This study not only enhances the existing body of academic research methodology but also advances the University of Basrah's pursuit of data-driven and influential scholarly pursuits.


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