Some Separation Axioms Via D-Set in Bitopological Space


  • Hadeel Husham Kadhim College of education , Department of Mathematics , Al-Qadissiya university, Al-Diwaniyah , Iraq ,



D-set, D_k-bitopological spaces, pairwise D_k-bitopological spaces and weak pairwise D_k-bitopological spaces for k =0,1.


In this paper, notions of some separation axioms by using D-set in bitopological space. We studied some of the fundamental properties and relations among types of  -bitopological spaces where  =0,1.       


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Husham Kadhim, H. (2024). Some Separation Axioms Via D-Set in Bitopological Space. Journal of Al-Qadisiyah for Computer Science and Mathematics, 16(1), Math. 16–22.



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