Triple-Zero On Weakly Pseudo Primary 2-Absorbing Sub-Module


  • Omar Hisham Taha Department of Mathematics, College of Computer Science and Mathematics, Univ. of Tikrit, Iraq
  • Marrwa Abdullah Salih Department of Mathematics, College of Education for Pure Sciences, Univ. of Tikrit, Iraq



triple-zero, free triple-zero, Multiplication Modules., weakly pseudo-primary-2-absorbing sub-module.


In this paper, we aim to show many results from the weakly pseudo-primary-2-absorbing sub-module, including triple-zero of the weakly pseudo-primary-2-absorbing sub-module. Furthermore, weakly pseudo-primary-2-absorbing triple-zero have been characterized in some module types, including content, finitely generated, and multiplication modules.


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Hisham Taha , O., & Abdullah Salih, M. (2024). Triple-Zero On Weakly Pseudo Primary 2-Absorbing Sub-Module. Journal of Al-Qadisiyah for Computer Science and Mathematics, 16(1), Math. 29–33.



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