Fuzzy Anti-normed Spaces


  • Dunia Ameen Abd alsaheb College of Computer Science and Information Technology . Al-Qadisah University , Diwaniyah-Iraq
  • Noori Farhan Al Mayahi Department of Mathematics,”“College of Science”“University of Al-Qadisiyah,Diwaniyah -Iraq




: fuzzy anti-normed space, fuzzy anti-convergence


In this paper the definition of fuzzy anti-norm is modified the authors have studied some properties of convergence and continuity in fuzzy anti-normed spaces. Firstly, the authors have given some definitions and theorems, such as fuzzy anti-normed, fuzzy anti–continuous, and fuzzy anti-convergent sequence and Cauchy sequence on fuzzy anti-normed space and definitions of open ball and closed ball. The authors have presented some examples by using these definitions. Additionally, the authors have given a definition, sequentially fuzzy anti-continuous. and some of their properties are studied.


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