Mine-Prime Submodules


  • Ali Sabah Sadip Republic of Iraq, Ministry of Education, Directorate General of Education in Diyala
  • Haibat Karim Mohammadali Department of Mathematics / College of Computer Science and Mathematics / Tikrit University / Iraq




Prime submodules, Nearly Prime submodule, Mine- Prime submodules, Multiplication, Jacobson radical of submodules


Let  be commutative rings with identity, and all modules are (left) unitary .      of an  G is called prime , if for any , for , , imples that either  or .As strong from of prime sub modules we introduce in that paper the concept of Mine-Prime submodules and gave same basic properties , example and characterizations of this concept. Moreover we study be haver of Mine-Prime submodules in class of of multiplication modules, furthermore we prove that by examples the residual of Mine-Prime submodules not to be Mine-Prime ideal of  so we gave under sertion conditions several characterizations of Mine-Prime submodules


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