An Allocation and Optimization Procedure for ARPANET Network Reliability Using Particle Swarm Optimization


  • Laith Adnan Hadi Almhana Islamic Azad University Kermanshah Branch, Iran



Enhanced particle swarm optimization (PSO), Reliability optimization, Reliability allocation


In this paper we study the expansion of the telecommunications industry and the complexity of communications infrastructures. For ARPA networks such as ARPANET, the provision of integrated broadband service is essential. The new technology used in ARPANETs and changing traffic patterns have attracted much research attention to network topological design. Most topological design researchers have proposed techniques based on expensive exchange-based hardware. We presented a realistic ARPA network model in this study. ARPA network architecture includes network optimization. We proposed to apply particle swarm optimization (PSO) to enhance the ARPA network, and we also estimated the appropriate distribution of each system component using an exponential cost function. The results of the study show that the optimizer (PSO) had good results.


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